Even More Gintama Live-Action Cast Members Announced

Even More Gintama Live-Action Cast Members Announced

With more than 50 million volumes printed, Gintama is a ridiculously entertaining series without rival. There’s already been a lot of talk about the live-action adaptation thanks to its incredible cast including Oguri Shun, Suda Masaki, and Hashimoto Kanna, but even more members have been announced including Domoto Tsuyoshi, Arai Hirofumi, Sato Jiro, Nanao, Yasuda Ken, and Hayami Akari!

In addition to Oguri as Gintoki, Suda as Shinpachi, and Hashimoto as Kagura, Nagasawa Masami will be playing Shinpachi’s older sister Tae, Okada Masaki will be playing Gintoki’s old friend Katsura Kotaro, and Muro Tsuyoshi will be playing the inventor Hiraga Gengai. Fans can also look forward to seeing Nakamura Kankuro as Kondo Isao, Yuya Yagira as Hijikata Toshiro, and Yoshizawa Ryo as Okita Sougo.

Takasugi Shinsuke, an old friend of Gintoki, will be played by Domoto. He commented, “The director said, ‘I want Domoto Tsuyoshi to play the villain’, and as we talked about how I could bridge the gap between this smug and cool character and myself, it was decided. There’s a lot of pressure that comes from playing popular characters, and did my best to handle that during filming. To be honest, I wanted to play Elizabeth…”

Takasugi Shinsuke to be played by Domoto Tsuyoshi

Arai, Sato, and Nanao will be the members of Takasugi’s calvary including Okada Nizou, Takechi Henpeita, and Kijima Matako. Yasuda Ken will be playing Murata Tetsuya, and Hayami Akari will be playing his younger sister Murata Tetsuya.

From regulars of Fukuda Gumi to unexpected additions, this is a pretty exciting cast! Be sure to check it out once it premiers in 2017.

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Source: animeanime

Even More Gintama Live-Action Cast Members Announced 1

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