Sword Art Online Gets U.S. Live-Action Adaptation

Sword Art Online Gets U.S. Live-Action Adaptation

Asuna and Kirito are returning to the small screen - this time as a live-action drama!

Already with a movie project in the works, the popular franchise will be releasing the latest novel and the end to the current arc (Sword Art Online - Alicization Lasting) on August 10. The Alicization arc will be included in a movie next year as well.

The Western drama live-action adaptation will be produced by Skydance Television. Laeta Kalogridis of Avatar fame will be the executive producer and screenwriter along with David Ellision, Dana Goldberg and Marcy Ross. They also announced plans for a virtual reality experience.

Japanese netizens woke up to the news of one of the nation's most popular brainchildren in recent years being adapted into TV by a Western production and they're not pleased. "SAO Live-Action" is trending on Twitter with comments as such:

If SAO live-action is true, I think it's time for a big protest.

This is nothing but scary.

I wonder what they were thinking when they decided to make SAO a live-action. The author of SAO did write that they wanted it turned into an anime but nothing was said about a live-action. Please stop turning everything into live-action

Are you excited about this production?

Source / H/T: The Hollywood Reporter

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