Famous Manga Artists Support Kyushu Earthquake Victims with Illustrations

Famous Manga Artists Support Kyushu Earthquake Victims with Illustrations

On Thursday April 14, 2016, a devastating magnitude 6.2 earthquake hit Kumamoto Prefecture’s Kumamoto City, which was then followed by several aftershocks and a magnitude 7.0 earthquake on the 16th. In response to this, a surge of support has been seen from every corner of the world. Needless to say, Japan’s manga artists are quick to join in the support!

Kumamoto Prefecture’s mascot is Kumamon. This cute black bear was created in 2010 and became an instant favorite, going as far as being voted one of the top mascots in the country in 2011. Kumamon is now a part of an effort to show support and love for Kumamoto through the hashtag くまモン頑張れ絵, or “Stay Strong Kumamon Pictures.”

Some of the most popular manga artists out there have released sweet illustrations of Kumamon with this hashtag. Stay strong, everyone!

Quietly cheering you on. - Tera (Terajima Yuji - Daiya no Ace)

I think things have quieted down, but please stay strong!! (Tsukiyama Kaya, The Knight in the Area)

(Mashima Hiro, Fairy Tail)

May you have peaceful nights soon. (Sakurakouji Kanoko, Black Bird)

Sorry about all of the [posts], I added the hashtag (>_<) (Kisaki Takashi, Zombie Men)

It’s okay to do what you can. (Seo Kouji, Fuuka)

(Yoshikawa Miki, Yamada-kun and the 7 Witches)

Supporting you “Like the Wind”~~! (Chiba Tetsuya, Ashita no Joe)

Please stay strong!! (Morikawa George, Hajime no Ippo)

*From a Fukuoka manga artist. While drawing this, I was listening to → BRON-K feat. NORIKIYO - “Paper, Paper…” (※I removed the hashtag, but I hope everyone understands that my intentions are the same as other artists.) (Ishida Sui, Tokyo Ghoul)

I’m sending my heartfelt condolences to the victims of these Kyushu earthquakes. I pray that your lives will return to normal as quickly as possible. (Furudate Haruichi, Haikyuu)

Let us pray for all those who have been struck by disaster this week, and may the art and the encouraging tweets provide a solace for everyone. Kumamon, 頑張れ!

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