Step Aside Latte Art - It's Pancake Time!

Step Aside Latte Art - It's Pancake Time!

Latte art featuring anime characters has been popular in Japan for some time now, and Tokyo Otaku Mode Special Creators George and Mattsun are known to be some of the pioneers in the field. Here's one recent 3D latte art by George featuring Koro-sensei from Assassination Classroom:

However, just a cup of coffee isn't quite filling enough, and rumor has it that you can now order pancakes at famous latte artist Belcorno's restaurant in Nagoya to match the latte!

When it comes to pancake anime art, nobody does it like the chef at La Ricetta does. La Ricette is an Italian restaurant in Kanagawa Prefecture. However, because of the popularity of pancake art that is posted on their Twitter account, the restaurant has become known as the place to go for 'artisan pancake art'. Here are some of our favorites!

Dragon Ball Z complete with the balls!

Kanda from D.Gray-man is one grouchy pancake...

I only eat Free! (?)

The Durarara! anime has just ended (forever) but you can always order a Durarara! pancake here!

Haibara Ai and Edogawa Conan from Detective Conan / Case Closed

Three characters whom you eat from the head...@.@

Oniichan~Make me a pancake~

Of course Saitama and Genos

From Haikyuu!, for the IwaOi / OiIwa fangirls out there...


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