39 Top Songs for Hatsune Miku Day!

39 Top Songs for Hatsune Miku Day!

March 9 is Hatsune Miku's Thanksgiving Day in Japan. The Japanese word for "3" can be pronounced as "mi" and "9" as "ku" - hence Miku Day! An alternative Japanese pronunciation for 3 and 9 is "San-kyuu", which sounds like "Thank you". As such, March 9 is the day Miku gives back to her fans all around the world for their love!

The global virtual diva has featured in countless songs and had her music covered by singers, bands and other vocaloids. However, on Hatsune Miku Day, let us go back to the basics and enjoy some of the best known Miku songs ever produced!

1. 恋スルVOC@LOID/Koisuru Vocaloid

2. あなたの歌姫/Anata no Utahime

3. Packaged

4. えれくとりっく・えんじぇぅ/Electric Angel

5. ハジメテノオト/Hajimete no Oto

6. Melody

7. 私の時間/My Time

8. 初音ミクの暴走/Hatsune Miku no Bousou

9. ミラクルペイント/Miracle Paint

10. コンビニ/Convenience Store

11. メルト/Melt

12. 歌に形はないけれど/Uta ni Katachi wa Nai Keredo

13. 恋は戦争/Love is War

14. 桜ノ雨/Sakura no Ame

15. 夕日坂/Sunset Hill

16. Dear

17. World is Mine

18. Black Rock Shooter

19. Last Night, Good Night

20. From Y to Y

21. Romeo and Cinderella

22. SPiCa

23. 二息歩行/Ni Soku Hou Kou

24. 1925


26. Glow

27. Rinne

28. 深海少女/Shinkai Shoujo


30. 千本桜/Senbonzakura


32. Tell Your World

33. Weekender Girl



36. Ray with BUMP OF CHICKEN

37. Goodbye

38. B Who I Want 2 B with Namie Amuro

39. 39 ("sankyuu")

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