Real Life Neko Atsume!

Real Life Neko Atsume!

The smartphone game Neko Atsume has taken over the cat-obsessed world by storm, and this time round you’ll get to actually collect cats in real life … with the help of these toys!

Japanese pet supplies company Petio and game developer Hit-Point have come together to bring Neko Atsume to life with this new line of cat toys that look extremely familiar if you are a true Neko Atsume-r!

Your cats would feel at home cuddling with these kick toys!

Or if you want a literal home, Petio has that too.

Let them channel their inner aspiration: this one wants to be a cafe owner… or Sassy Fran.

Recreate those cute game pictures in real life with the carp and fish-stick tunnels!

Be sure to check out this adorable video of real Neko Atsume here:

Source: Petio

Real Life Neko Atsume! 1
Real Life Neko Atsume! 2
Real Life Neko Atsume! 3
Real Life Neko Atsume! 4

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