One Punch Man in Two Minutes!

We know One Punch Man fans are all desperately waiting for the news of the second season of the popular anime series. While no updates have been revealed on more One Punch Man awesomeness, we can at least revisit the show - in just two minutes!

FiMFlamFilosophy on YouTube presented this hilarious summary that captures the essence of Saitama and Genos’ antics from the anime. Can’t get enough of One Punch Man? Here’s a quick fix! And more...

… like the Chibi Genos, creation of the manga artist himself, Yusuke Murata?

“I’m going to work hard in order to create a season 2!” said Murata-sensei on his personal Twitter account!

Yes, we know nothing gets as good as the actual series itself, but rest assured the production team and even Murata-sensei is hard at work to make season 2 a reality! We can’t wait!

One Punch Man in Two Minutes
One Punch Man in Two Minutes

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