Sadly, Seven Sudden Snow Hachikos in Tokyo are Probably Too Cute to be True

Twitter users claim that after a recent snowfall Tokyoites were greeted by eight times as many Hachikos as usual. But is it a loyal doggy miracle, or just an adorable bit of photo editing?

After several weeks of what’s been a fairly mild winter, the Tokyo area got its first significant snowfall this morning. There was actually enough icy slush dropped on the capital that rail service was temporarily suspended along a number of train lines heading into downtown.

That made for an aggravating commute, but Japanese Twitter user @May_I_bite claims that passengers passing by Shibuya Station at least had something to brighten their trip to trip to work or school: multiple copies of the statue of Hachiko, Japan’s famously loyal dog.

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Source: Hachima Kiko
Top image: Twitter/@May_I_bite

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