Over 200,000 People Show Their Passion for Japanese Culture at Japan Week 2016!

Over 200,000 People Show Their Passion for Japanese Culture at Japan Week 2016!

Japan Week 2016 was held for three days from March 10–12, and Tokyo Otaku Mode was a partner of the event to help spread the recognition of Japanese culture. Over 230,000 NY residents and visitors from all over the world attended the event, making it a resounding success.

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Attendees Go Crazy for the Tokyo Otaku Mode x Hatsune Miku Stamp Rally!

At the event, TOM collaborated with Vocaloid Hatsune Miku, who is massively popular all over the world including NY, by holding a stamp rally throughout the venue. It’s a given that Miku fans from NY and fans of TOM excitedly participated in the rally, but the event even attracted ardent interest from attendees seeing Miku and TOM for the first time! The venue was jam-packed with attendees holding stamp rally flyers and hunting to collect each stamp.

Over 3,000 people participated in the stamp rally over the three days of the event. Attendees were so on fire for the rally that people could be seen left and right who had lost their flyer but were still collecting stamps on their own sheet of paper.

One reason for the rally’s especially large turnout was the exclusive Japan Week Hatsune Miku x TOM button badge that proved hugely popular that was given out to participants at the final location for collecting all the stamps.

A life-size Miku cutout panel and cute plushies available for purchase on OtakuMode.com were also awaiting participants at the final location, and these were so popular there was a constant stream of attendees who couldn’t help taking photos with them.

The Never-ending Line at the Conveyor Belt Sushi Entertainment Area

When people find themselves hungry for sushi in Japan, it’s popular to go to a nearby conveyor belt sushi restaurant. Though such an entertaining sushi experience is all but unheard of in NY, there was a never-ending long line of attendees who couldn’t wait to try it out. People all over could be seen enjoying this new Japanese culinary culture as they timed it just right to nab the sushi they wanted from the conveyor as it passed.

TOM even put on a guerrilla show at the conveyor belt sushi area on the final day of the event!

In time to the song “Senbonzakura” by WagakkiBand, which recently packed the Irving Plaza for their NYC concert, TOM models wearing custom-made TOM happi coats put on a wonderful show, dancing splendidly with kabuki umbrellas and Sushi Socks.

Attendees were shocked by the flash mob style in which the group suddenly appeared, and their bright outfits and infectious dancing were one of the 3-day event’s main highlights.

Business Booths for This Year’s Hokkaido Theme Were a Great Success Too

A shinkansen conductor simulator was set up at a booth for the Hokkaido Shinkansen that started service this year, which countless children enjoyed with delight.

Hokkaido also has some of the freshest seafood and fruit in Japan along with some of the most popular gourmet locales, and attendees could be seen all over sampling food and enjoying the different flavors of the region.

There were also booths showcasing the traditional wear of the native Ainu people of Hokkaido as well as the region’s culture and history, giving attendees the opportunity to become intimately familiar with the region, from its gourmet food to its culture. Attendees all over could be heard strongly exclaiming their interest in visiting the region.

With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics on the horizon, interest in Japan is increasing more and more all over the world. Japan Week is planned to be held again next year and will surely continue to offer attendees an enjoyable way of experiencing Japanese culture.

Likewise, TOM will continue to attend events in NY and all over the world as we continue our goal of spreading Japanese culture. We’ll see you next year as the sakura begin to bloom once again at Japan Week.

Photographed by Ugla Hauks and Matt Masui
*Article written by Matt Masui and translated by Jarrett Meuser*

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