Why 'One Punch Man' is Perfect for Saitama

Why 'One Punch Man' is Perfect for Saitama

One Punch Man is a webcomic, manga and now anime series that's been steadily picking up steam since 2009. It's set in an alternate reality where registered superheroes fight mysterious creatures that periodically attack the general populace. The protagonist, Saitama, is so powerful that he can defeat any opponent with just one punch.

That's the running gag throughout the manga and anime series, at any rate. So what does Saitama the hero have to do with Saitama the prefecture?

1. The World is Saitama


The series creator, who goes only by the pen name One, took up drawing manga as a hobby—just as the character Saitama does superhero work for his own amusement—and he named the protagonist of his series based on where he happened to live. In fact, much of the manga is a pure lark: the series title in Japanese is Wanpanman, which is a play on Anpanman, a massively popular preschool children's character, and Saitama's uniform is actually a color-reversed imitation of Anpanman's simple suit.

But as the world of One Punch Man has grown, it's become clear that Saitama isn't just the name of the main character: it's the shape of the planet. The entire world on which One Punch Man takes place is comprised mainly of a single super-continent in the shape of Saitama Prefecture.

2. Every City is Saitama


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Source article written by Michael Kanert

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