Cosplay Expo 2015 will be held on Nov 21!

Cosplay Expo 2015 will be held on Nov 21!

For the past two years, SPJA has worked with LA Sanitation & The Japanese Garden to provide photo sets featuring live plants in Anime Expo’s Entertainment Hall.

SPJA continues to develop its partnership with The Japanese Garden with the introduction of a brand-new event called Cosplay Expo. This exclusive event will allow cosplayers to enter the garden for tours, photoshoot opportunities, and workshops. In addition, SPJA will set up a Picnic Area in the nearby Woodley Park, featuring local food trucks TBA. The Picnic Area will be open to the public, while timed-entry tickets will be available for cosplayers interested in having photo shoots in The Japanese Garden.

With its variety of plants and water features, The Japanese Garden offers idyllic and authentic scenery for cosplayers to take photos in. While The Japanese Garden does not normally allow visitors to conduct photoshoots unless they make special arrangements to reserve the garden, a special partnership with SPJA gives Cosplay Expo attendees an exclusive opportunity to have cosplay photo shoots. SPJA will work with The Japanese Garden to communicate and enforce the applicable guidelines and rules to attendees in order to protect the beauty of the garden.

For more information about Cosplay Expo, visit the website or Facebook event page.

About The Japanese Garden

Suiho-En: “Garden of Water and Fragrance” is a six and a half acre Japanese Garden created by world-renowned designer, Dr. Koichi Kawana. This 6 1/2 acre garden features three gardens in one: a Zen Garden, a Chinsent—or “wet Strolling”—Garden, and a Tea Garden. The Japanese Garden was created to demonstrate a positive use of reclaimed water in what is generally agreed to be a delicate environment.

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Cosplay Expo 2015 will be held on Nov 21! 1

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