“Chihayafuru” Movie Visual Posted of Suzu Hirose as Chihaya

“Chihayafuru” Movie Visual Posted of Suzu Hirose as Chihaya

Yuki Suetsugu’s popular manga Chihayafuru is to become a live-action movie. Chihayafuru, which depicts adolescence through karuta card battles, has been adapted into two TV anime seasons, one in 2011 and one in 2013, and this two-part live-action movie adaptation, titled Kaminoku (Upper Phrase) and Shimonoku (Lower Phrase), is packed with a feeling of epicness as it will release successively in spring 2016.

And being that the popular manga is becoming a live-action movie, what is drawing particular interest among fans is who will play the roles of the characters. Suzu Hirose, who is largely regarded as the number 1 young actress, will be playing main character Chihaya, and her appointment to the role raises anticipation for the movies all the more.

The first leaflet visual for the movies has been completed, and it will begin being handed out in theaters throughout Japan on Saturday, Sept. 19. The visual was also posted a step ahead on Sept. 13. What the visual shows is Suzu Hirose looking exceedingly like Chihaya. The visual is even based on the front cover of volume 2 of the original manga. It definitely gives a strong “Suzu Hirose = Chihaya” impression. Chihaya is also holding in her hand the card for “Chihayafuru” from the Hyakunin Isshu. Aside from sharing its name with the series’ title, it’s of major significance to Chihaya. It is a singularly important item that brought about Chihaya coming across competitive karuta playing.

Regarding her role in the movies as Chihaya, Suzu Hirose had the following comment:
“It was a huge honor to be photographed as Chihaya. I also felt how difficult doing a complete live-action adaptation is, but when I saw the finished visual, it was like a dream come true. (When doing the photo session for the leaflet), I did a “one-cut” glance and the staff reacted by raising their voices, like, ‘Oooh!’ I’m so happy for this photo shoot that made me feel once again like ‘I can’t believe I’m Chihaya!’”

Filming on the movies began in late July, so things have already cranked up. There is about six months left until the first movie releases.

The two-part movie Chihayafuru will depict high school students who pour their adolescent passion into competitive karuta playing. The original manga has been a hot topic since it was first published for being themed after such a novel topic. Readers sympathized with the series themes of friendship, romance, and growth as well. With 28 tankobon volumes published, the series is a colossal hit that his over 13 million copies in print.

In addition to Suzu Hirose as main character Chihaya Ayase, the movie will also star Shuhei Nomura as Chihaya’s childhood friend Taichi Mashima and Mackenyu as Arata Wataya, Chihaya’s love interest—both seasoned actors who will bring invigorating performances to the movies. Directing is Norihiro Koizumi. The movies will release successively, with the first part, Kaminoku (Upper Phrase), and the second part, Shimonoku (Lower Phrase), being released in March and April of 2016, respectively.

Chihayafuru: Kaminoku - Releasing March 2016
*Chihayafuru: Shimonoku* - Releasing April 2016

Movie Chihayafuru
© 2016 Movie Chihayafuru Production Committee
© Yuki Suetsugu / Kodansha Ltd.

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Movie Chihayafuru © 2016 Movie Chihayafuru Production Committee © Yuki Suetsugu / Kodansha Ltd.
Movie *Chihayafuru* © 2016 Movie Chihayafuru Production Committee © Yuki Suetsugu / Kodansha Ltd.
© Yuki Suetsugu / Kodansha Ltd.
© Yuki Suetsugu / Kodansha Ltd.

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