Band that Represents the Country Creates Theme Song to “The Boy and the Beast”

Mr. Children to perform “Starting Over,” the main theme of Mamoru Hosoda’s The Boy and the Beast

Mamoru Hosoda’s newest film The Boy and the Beast will be opening in theaters across the country from July 11. This film follows a series of popular films including The Girl Who Leapt Through Time in 2006, Summer Wars in 2009, and Wolf Children in 2012 that all present unique and captivating views of the world.

Mr. Children, one of the bands currently representing the Japanese music industry, has been chosen to perform the main theme for the film. The song “Starting Over,” recorded on the band’s new album titled Reflection, has been selected and can already be heard in the newest movie trailer.

When the time to decide the theme song came around, the production team went straight to Mr. Children without hesitation and made their request. During the meetings between both sides, director Mamoru Hosoda listened to and became deeply impressed with “Starting Over.” The lyrics wonderfully describe the world of The Boy and the Beast, and it was selected as the main theme.

Mr. Children’s vocalist and guitarist Kazutoshi Sakurai, who has already had the chance to see the film, had nothing but praise for The Boy and the Beast, and expressed his joy of having the chance to be involved in it. The production team was really able to bond with Mr. Children and prepare a perfect theme song for the already highly anticipated film that features top-level production staff and an intriguing cast.

The Boy and the Beast, director Mamoru Hosoda’s latest animated film since 2012, describes the awe-inspiring relationship and journey of a boy and a beast. The action takes place in a beast-filled world called Jutengai in Shibuya, Tokyo, and entertains with elements of parent and child relationships as well as love and romance.

There is just a little more than one month left before The Boy and the Beast begins to play in theaters. As opening day draws closer, anticipation for the film becomes greater and greater!

■ Comment from Kazutoshi Sakurai of Mr. Children:
“I’ve come across an absolutely incredible film. As a father and also a humble artist who is still exploring and experimenting with many things, the sensations that I felt when i watched the film were more than my heart could handle. I am very proud to be a part of The Boy and the Beast.”

■ Comment from director Mamoru Hosoda:
“I feel honored to be able to work together with Mr. Children for The Boy and the Beast. The new film captures the maturation of a lonely boy, and the theme “Starting Over” is all about how the boy comes through to battle and defeat his feelings of confusion and loss as he struggles through growth and puberty. Please keep the idea of what starting over means to you in your mind while you listen to the song.”

The Boy and the Beast
Opening in theatres Saturday, July 11

Koji Yakusho, Aoi Miyazaki, Shota Sometani, Suzu Hirose, Yo Oizumi, Lily Franky, and Masahiko Tsugawa

Director/Original Screenplay: Mamoru Hosoda
Animation Directors: Takaaki Yamashita, Tatsuzo Nishida
Art Directors: Takashi Omori, Yohei Takamatsu, Yoichi Nishikawa
Music: Masakatsu Takagi

The Boy and the Beast
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The Boy and the Beast Second Trailer
*The Boy and the Beast* Second Trailer
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© 2015 B.B.F.P
Band that Represents the Country Creates Theme Song to “The Boy and the Beast” 3
Band that Represents the Country Creates Theme Song to “The Boy and the Beast” 4

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