Chocolate, Chocolate♪ Menma Sings Supercute Commercial Jingle <3

Menma sings theme song for Meiji Chocolate in collaboration commercial between KokoSake and AnoHana

The original animated movie The Anthem of the Heart (KokoSake) created by the staff behind AnoHana: The Flower We Saw that Day will be released Japan-wide on Sept. 19. In celebration, a collaboration with these two series and food maker Meiji titled “Meiji x KokoSake & AnoHana Receipt Campaign” will run from June 2 to Oct. 16. On the first day of the collaboration, a commercial titled “Jun’s Tears” began its on-air run. This commercial in which Jun Naruse from KokoSake and Menma from AnoHana appear together is a must-see for fans.

The collaboration commercial “Jun’s Tears” stars Jun Naruse, main character of KokoSake, who is shown sobbing. Menma (CV: Ai Kayano), heroine of AnoHana, narrates the commercial, giving a lovely voice to Jun’s emotions and reading aloud, “So indulge in some chocolate.” Menma also sings the familiar Meiji jingle, “Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate is Meiji.” The commercial gives viewers a feeling of calmness through Menma’s singing voice. The second collaboration commercial, “Running Jun,” will air in July. Make sure not to miss this one either.

During the “Meiji x KokoSake & AnoHana Receipt Campaign,” Meiji will be selling special packages illustrated with Jun from KokoSake and characters from AnoHana. Those who purchase one of these products can enter the campaign online with their receipt. One thousand winners chosen by raffle will get a 2-card QUO Card set (2 cards worth 500 yen each) that includes A-side illustrations for both series. The cards feature artwork drawn just for the occasion, so they will likely gain popularity as collector’s items. The campaign site is open now, and on it you can check out campaign details and a portion of illustrations.

The Anthem of the Heart
Countrywide Release on Saturday, Sept. 19

Meiji x KokoSake & AnoHana Receipt Campaign
Duration: June 2 (Tues.), 2015 at 10:00 a.m. – Oct. 16 (Fri.), 2015 at 3:00 p.m.

Source: animeanime
Source article written by Katsunori Takahashi

The Anthem of the Heart Meiji Collaboration CM
*The Anthem of the Heart* Meiji Collaboration CM

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