A Collection of Four of Director Mamoru Hosoda’s Works; ‘The Boy and the Beast’ Exhibit Begins in Shibuya July 24

An exhibit for anime and movie fans is coming to the Hikarie Hall on the ninth floor of Shibuya Hikarie in Tokyo on July 24. Titled “Bakomono no Ko Exhibit,” the exhibit is themed after the theatrical film The Boy and the Beast releasing this summer.

The Boy and the Beast is the long-awaited first new animated film in three years from director Mamoru Hosoda. This new dramatic adventure begins when a young boy who lives in two worlds, the human world and the bakemono world, meets a bakemono (supernatural creature). The film will be released Japan-wide on July 11.

The exhibit gives a cross-section of works Mamoru Hosoda has directed, written, and created, and delves into what kind of work The Boy and the Beast is. By enjoying this exhibit ahead of the movie, there is no doubt that you’ll be able to enjoy the movie twice as much. Also, Shibuya, where the exhibit will be held, is the setting of The Boy and the Beast. The crossovers between the story and reality will likely be fun as well.

A highlight of the exhibit is that along with The Boy and the Beast, other works by director Hosoda in roughly the past 10 years will also be displayed, including 2006’s The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and 2009’s Summer Wars.

Through displays of storyboards, background art, and more, the path leading to the finished The Boy and the Beast will be revealed. There is no doubt that the charms of the show that affected director Hosoda and much of the staff will also be conveyed. Also worth noting is that there will be a hands-on area set up in collaboration with the talked-about creative team.

Also at the venue will be a shop connected to the exhibit called Studio Chizu Shop, and it seems they will have unmissable merchandise. The title of the shop, Studio Chizu, is in reference to the studio under which Hosoda releases his works to the world. At the shop will be original merchandise from director Hosoda’s past works. The aim of the shop is to convey to as many fans as possible Bakomono no Ko, of course, along with director Hosoda’s other works.

The Boy and the Beast Exhibit
Dates: July 24 (Fri.) - Aug. 30 (Sun.), 2015
Venue: Hikarie Hall, Hall A, Shibuya Hikarie 9F
Times: 10:00 - 19:00 (closes at 18:30 on the final day) (tentative)
Sponsors: Nippon TV Network Corp., Movic Promotion Services, Tokyu Agency Inc.
Special Cooperation: Studio Chizu, Tokyu Group, Shibuya Hikarie, Bakemono no Ko Production Committee

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The Boy and the Beast
Countrywide Roadshow Release July 11, 2015
Director/Writer/Creator: Mamoru Hosoda

Source: animeanime

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