‘Tokyo Ghoul’ to Be Adapted to Stage; Yuki Ogoe to Play Kaneki

Yuki Ogoe
Yuki Ogoe

According to Weekly Young Jump magazine (Shueisha) the popular dark fantasy manga Tokyo Ghoul will be adapted into a play. The news was announced on March 26, with the play set to début in Tokyo and Kyoto this summer.

Furthermore, it was announced that Yuki Ogoe will take on the role of Ken Kaneki, protagonist of the story. Born in 1994, the 20 year old has been active in film, television and on stage, and was chosen for the role of Ryoma Echizen in the second season of The Prince of Tennis. With this big role coming next, it seems that Ogoe will be the recipient of much attention hereafter.

Directing the play will be Isamu Kayano, who has previously taken on projects in many genres, including the stage adaptation of Break Through!, Rokudenashi Blues featuring Gekidan EXILE’s Hanagumi and Kazegumi, and AKB49: Renai Kinshi Jorei.

In addition, dramatist Chuji Makasano has been selected to write the script. Following on from the anime series, much effort is being put into this adaption.

Tokyo Ghoul is a manga written by Sui Ishida. It was serialized from September 2011 to September 2014, and in October 2014 a follow up entitled Tokyo Ghoul:re was also serialized. Over 12 million tankobon volumes have been sold. The secret of its success is support from both a male and female demographic with a wide age range.

The manga is set in modern-day Tokyo, where Ken Kaneki, a normal, bookish university student, undergoes an incident that transforms him into a “ghoul,” a creature that devours human flesh. As expected, Kaneki suffers in figuring out how he should live.

The high popularity of the manga resulted in an anime adaptation, with the first season broadcast from July to September 2014. The second season, entitled Tokyo Ghoul √A, began airing in January 2015.

Following on the manga and anime, fans’ expectations are high for this new adaptation of Tokyo Ghoul. Further details about the play, as well as the rest of the cast will be announced at a later date. We are certainly looking forward to hearing more information!

Tokyo Ghoul Stage Adaptation
July 2015
Tokyo, Kyoto

Starring: Yuki Ogoe as Ken Kaneki
Director: Isamu Kayano
Script: Chuji Makasano

Source: animeanime

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