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Sanrio-developed TV anime Show By Rock!! gets web radio, Nico Nico Live stream, CD release

The TV anime Show By Rock!! will begin broadcasting in April. The anime is developed by Sanrio and is picking up attention for being themed around girl bands. Now, new information has been successively released. This includes a key visual, the second PV, streaming of a web radio show on Nico Nico Live, plus release details on the soundtrack and background music.

The released key visual shows a pop-style illustration of the four members of the band Plasmagica jumping energetically. It seems their sound will indeed be positive and cheerful. The second PV was also released on the official site. In a little over a minute, the PV shows a variety of characters and the highlight concert scenes.

A show has also been confirmed to stream on Nico Nico Live beginning in April. Titled TV Anime Show By Rock!! Taiban! Nico Nyama, the show will feature members of the band as rotating personalities. The show will offer various forms of exciting content with Plasmagica, a battle of the bands, and more.

In other news, a web radio show will begin in April on the Internet radio station Onsen. Each band––Plasmagica, Cristicrista, and Tsurezurenaru Ayatsuri Mugenan––will have their turn on the show.

Moreover, information has also been announced on the CD releases of the background music and soundtrack. Two CDs, one for Plasmagica and one for Cristicrista, will be released simultaneously on June 3. The Plasmagica CD will contain the two songs “Meikyu Destiny” and “Ryusei Dream Line,” while the Cristicrista CD will include the song “Yes! Idol Sengen.” The original soundtrack to the anime will be released on July 22. Included will be the background music that colors the anime, the opening theme “Seishun wa Non-Stop!” sung by Plasmagica, the ending theme “Have a Nice Music!!” and TV edits of the background music created by the other groups in the series.

It seems there is much to look forward to from this anime themed after music.

TV Anime Show By Rock!!

TV Anime Show By Rock!!
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Source article written by Shigeyoshi Okimoto

TV Anime Show By Rock!! 2nd PV
TV Anime *Show By Rock!!* 2nd PV
© 2012, 2015 SANRIO CO., LTD. SHOWBYROCK!! Production Committee
© 2012, 2015 SANRIO CO., LTD. SHOWBYROCK!! Production Committee

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