Funassyi Collaborates with “Fuchico on the Cup” - Enter the Surreal ”Fuchico on the Cup & Funassyi”!

“Fuchico on the Cup” collaborates with Funassyi! Here comes “Fuchico on the Cup & Funassyi”!

Although it is planned to release on Dec. 22 (Mon.), it will be available in limited quantities at the “Fuchico on the Cup Exhibition” in Parco Nagoya and “Fuchico on the Cup Pop-up Store” in Parco Ikebukuro from Dec. 13 (Sat). The lineup includes “Fuchico & Funassyi,” “Fuchico & Ocean Sunfish Funassyi,” “Fuchico & Signature Pose Funassyi,” “Fuchico & Upside-down Funassyi,” and “Secret Fuchico & Funassyi” - all five of which cost ¥680 (plus tax) each.

© Funassyi
© Katsuki Tanaka / Kitan Club

Source: Zigg

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