Angry Birds Becomes a Shoujo Manga, Serialization to Begin in Nakayoshi

The shoujo manga Stella - Nana to Mahou no Eitango, themed after the smartphone-based action puzzle game Angry Birds, will begin serialization in the shoujo manga magazine Nakayoshi in its October issue.

Angry Birds is known as one of the world’s most successful mobile games, with 2 billion downloads to date. An anime adaptation of the game has also previously been announced. Nevertheless, this is the series’ first foray into manga, and on top of that it’s debuting as a shoujo manga.

Stella - Nana to Mahou no Eitango follows Stella, the pink bird from Angry Birds, and Nana, a female Japanese student who transfers overseas. Nana is always alone due to not being able to make friends because she can’t speak English. Nana then meets the energetic Stella, and an adventure of collecting wondrous English word cards unfolds.

Another known aspect of the story is that its theme is English and it incorporates English conversational phrases that readers will be able to naturally memorize while reading the manga. Supervising the manga is Tatsuya Kimura, a teacher at Nada Middle School and Nada High School and an author whose many works include Yume o Kanaeru Eitango Yumetan. Each page of the manga will also have an English word lesson that introduces in detail English words.

Currently, foreign language study is required in Japan for fifth and sixth year elementary school kids. The work aims to be enjoyable for elementary school kids with an interest in English and middle school kids who are aware that their English is lacking and want to improve.

A character illustration has also been released for the manga that is cutely arranged in a shoujo manga style. In charge of the manga is Hatano Hiyoko. Its acquisition of new fans will be connected to its included elements easily familiar to children in Japan. In addition to a TV anime and character goods, the minds behind Angry Birds are pouring their power into the realm of education as well. The country it’s set in is also very true to life. Look forward to new developments to come for Angry Birds.

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Source: animeanime
Source article written by Katsunori Takahashi

Stella - Nana to Mahou no Eitango
Stella - Nana to Mahou no Eitango
Angry Birds
Angry Birds

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