Sixth Doll Hinaichigo Enters the Pullip x Rozen Maiden Collaborative Series! Elegant Photos with Other Rozen Maidens!!

Rozen Maiden is one of the popular collaborative series from Pullip fashion dolls. Though Kirakishou was just released in July, Hinaichigo, the sixth doll, is already joining the Pullip ranks. She is set to release in late September.

This is Hinaichigo’s first Pullip adaptation, and here we’ll take a look at the latest shots of her with the four other Rozen Maidens currently being sold. We hope you enjoy these gorgeous and cute Rozen Maidens. As always, all photos were taken by TOM.

A selfish and spoiled crybaby, Hinaichigo has a particularly child-like side even among the Rozen Maidens. However, she’s a character with a kind and admirable side as well, caring for Shinku and her other sisters and risking her life battling to protect Shinku.

Hinaichigo’s youthful cuteness and strong will are masterfully expressed in Pullip form. Hinaichigo was released as a Dal doll in December 2006, but in contrast to her scowling Dal face, as a Pullip she has a cute smile. This complete opposite expression is sure to draw fans who also have the Dal version.

Her eyes are green and cheeks a slight red. Her soft face with small lips colored lightly in pink emphasize Hinaichigo’s best feature, her youth. Her many soft blonde curls of hair and her large pink ribbon emphasize this youthful image even further and give an adorable quality that will make you just want to pick her up for a hug.

Her outfit has been faithfully reproduced from the anime version. The Dal version used a satin fabric, but this time, her outfit uses velour, giving it a higher quality feel. It has a more delicate texture. The white lace peeking out from the bottom of the bow on her head and the texture of her bloomers show a precise attention to detail on the production side.

To Hinaichigo’s side is the fifth doll, Shinku. She and Hinaichigo live together in the home of their master and series protagonist, Jun Sakurada. Though Hinaichigo is often taken down by Shinku in skirmishes, the two are close and have a great deal of trust for the other.

Hinaichigo faces off against the seventh doll, Kirakishou. A moment filled with tension is recreated with Pullips. What was Hinaichigo thinking the moment before her body was taken? It’s a shot that brings up a lot of images.

Pullip Hinaichigo is set for release in late September 2014. Pullips are produced in limited quantities, and can potentially sell out immediately. Anyone who’s certain about wanting to purchase the doll should check with doll shops and hobby shops who carry Pullip dolls soon. If you’re going to get Hinaichigo, don’t forget to bring some of her favorite treats!

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