Information on Staff and Cast for Anime Adaptation of “Gingitsune” Revealed!

Information on Staff and Cast for Anime Adaptation of “Gingitsune” Revealed!

Gingitsune, the popular work by Sayori Ochiai currently serialized in Shuesha’s Ultra Jump, is becoming a TV anime! Leading the project as director is Shin Misawa, a veteran whose other work includes Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children. Acting as series composer is the highly praised Hiroshi Yamaguchi whose past work includes Rosario + Vampire. Animation production is being undertaken by Diomedea, a company responsible for creating captivating characters in their fantasy works such as Squid Girl, Campione, and Astarotte no Omocha.

Promotional items for the series are planned to be distributed at the Pony Canyon booth at Comic Market 84 on Aug. 10.

–– Story ––
*Gingitsune* is a heartfelt shrine fantasy depicting the bonds between the hearts of humans and gods. At a small Inari shrine in a certain city, the main character, an heiress named Makoto, lives with her father, the priest of the shrine, and she is the only one who can see the shrine’s “familiar” (a messenger used by the gods), a fox named Gintarō. Gintarō possesses the wondrous abilities of being able to slightly see the near future and find lost items, but he has no intention of using them, and he has a foul mouth to boot. However, Makoto is curious about him and tries to befriend him. With this Inari shrine as its setting, the story will depict Makoto as she comes in contact with various people. Welcome to the shrine of the gods.

–– Character Introductions ––
● Saeki Makoto (CV: Hisako Kanemoto)
Makoto is a high school girl who is the 15th heir of the Inari shrine. She has a scatterbrained but tenacious personality. She likes being of use and tries to help people however she can. Possessing the eyes of the gods, she is able to see familiars used by the gods.

● Gintarō (CV: Shinichirō Miki)
The familiar of the Inari shrine who takes the shape of a large fox. He is seen by Makoto, the rightful heir to the shrine, but normal people cannot see him. He is a troublesome fox with a foul mouth who loves mandarin oranges.

● Kamio Satoru (CV: Kenshō Ono)
Satoru is the son of an acquaintance of Tatsuo’s who, for some reason, begins living at Sueki’s shrine. Satoru too possesses the eyes of the gods and can see Gintarō and other familiars.

● Hal (CV: Ayumi Fujimura)
Hal is a familiar at Satoru’s shrine who comes with Satoru to Sueki’s shrine. He acts spoiled around Satoru but is severe with Gintarō and Tomako.

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