Details on Tokyo International Anime Fair 2013!

The TOM reporters have gone undercover at the executive committee meeting for one of the world's largest anime festivals - Tokyo International Anime Fair 2013.

Now into its 12th year of running, the Tokyo International Anime Fair is an annual event that began in 2002 in efforts to revive and promote anime and related industries. The event is divided into two parts: the Business Day, which is for those in the anime industry to network and discuss partnerships, and the Public Day, which is open to all. There are often many voice acting events, and stage events featuring mascots, as well as sales of all sorts of anime merchandise.

At the executive committee meeting, the event flyers and posters were revealed for the first time. It appears that there will be an anime song stage as well as a cosplay area.

Even though anime and manga are very common in Japan and have always been highly profitable for Japanese industries, for such an event to be organized as a joint venture between the Tokyo metropolitan government and the private anime industrial sector is extremely rare not only in Japan but in the world as well. Otaku culture is indeed Japan's greatest soft power.

Public Day for the event will take place on Mar. 23-24. If you happen to be travelling in Japan, make sure to add this great event to your itinerary!

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