Hatsune Miku x livetune x ZEDD Dream Collaboration Gathers Worldwide Attention!

The momentum of Vocaloid is not slowing down. Hatsune Miku has gathered a worldwide fanbase as the reigning Japanese pop culture icon. Her worldwide acclaim is evidenced by her use in the popular Google commercial campaign. Speaking of which, the theme song to the campaign, titled “Tell Your World”, was created by the popular artist livetune.

On March 20, “Re:Dial”, a compilation best-of album of livetune, will be released. The cost of the album is 3,500 yen including tax. “Re:Dial” will feature a spectacular lineup of livetune’s past hits, including “Packaged”, “Finder”, “Last Night, Good Night”, and of course “Tell Your World”. The CD is packed with songs that are indispensable for any fan of Vocaloid music.

In addition, the CD will come with gorgeous special extras including a music video and an album jacket. The album jacket features the art direction of the world renowned master of modern art, Takashi Murakami, as well as beautiful characters drawn by the popular illustrator mabae. Murakami also worked on the music video, which was a first for him.

Recently, livetune announced a remixed Hatsune Miku version of ZEDD’s major debut song, “Spectrum feat. Matthew Koma”. ZEDD is an energetic newcomer who received a big push to fame by Lady Gaga. This collaboration between livetune and ZEDD has many fans buzzing and is surely evidence that this year will be another eventful year for livetune. For anyone who has followed livetune thus far, this album is a definite must buy!

http://livetune.jp/ (Japanese)

Hatsune Miku x livetune x ZEDD Dream Collaboration Gathers Worldwide Attention! 1

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