Looking Back at Comic Market 83

Comic Market has been held twice a year since 1975, and this year marked its 83rd time. This year’s event had its share of problems from things that happened before the event started to weather being less than favorable during the event. However, with everyone’s passion and zeal for anime, game, and otaku culture, as well as the attendance being the highest of any Winter Comic Market yet (550,000), Comic Market 83 was a resounding success.

Among the industry displays, Shaft, an anime company that produces such anime as Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Bakemonogatari/Nisemonogatari, had a continually long line at their booth. Of all of the goods and merchandise that had fans’ hearts racing, Media Factory’s Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai and Nitroplus’ Psycho Pass were some of the most popular.

The doujin booths had a vast number of works on display including Touhou, Tiger & Bunny, The Idolmaster, Hetalia, Sengoku Basura, Vocaloid, and more. Fans were waiting in line for several hours to get their hands on the piece of merch they had their eyes set on, and the hall was teeming with more enthusiasm than usual. Everyone was having a good time photographing cosplayers and buying doujinshi; overseas fans were even a regular sight.

Even though Comic Market 83 just ended, details about the next Comic Market have already been announced. The next Comic Market will take place under the blazing sun and sweltering summer heat of Tokyo from Aug. 10-12. Those who will be attending for the first time are strongly encouraged to bring a towel, hat, and plenty of water. Since there is usually a 30 minute wait at the event center’s restrooms, it is also strongly encouraged that you “go” before you go!

One last thing - hotels in the area around the event center fill up fast, so if you plan on going, make sure to book a reservation sooner rather than later.

Make sure to book your flights and we’ll see you this summer in Tokyo!

Looking Back at Comic Market 83 1

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