Seminar for Creators of CG Anime Presents 009 RE:CYBORG as its Topic

Today’s anime industry is in desperate need of talented individuals. Right now, there are over 3000 people who call themselves animators, however there are many skilled animators who are not a part of this group. These individuals are constantly being sought. Amid this backdrop, various projects and institutions are opening to train new animators. However, the method that has been gaining a lot of attention lately is seminars.

Recently, a seminar was organized by the company Too, which holds free seminars periodically to help the advancement of animation as an artform. On November 13, Too held their ninth animation seminar, which focused on 009 RE:CYBORG as its subject. 009 RE:CYBORG is a CG anime movie based on Shotaro Ishinomori’s work Cyborg 009 that recently opened in theaters in Japan. The movie has already made a good earning at the box office and has received glowing reviews from anime fans.

The seminar was made even more popular by the fact that the creative team behind 009 RE:CYBORG were the lecturers. Due to the popularity of the seminar, more seminars aimed at the techniques of the anime industry are being planned. If you dream of working in the anime industry, these seminars can definitely help you get there.

This article contains translated excerpts from (Japanese).

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