Original Digimon Opening Theme Singer Wada Kouji Passes Away

Original Digimon Opening Theme Singer Wada Kouji Passes Away

Digimon fans around the world are in mourning: it was announced today that the singer of the iconic Digimon Adventure opening theme song Butter-fly, Wada Kouji, passed away about a week ago on April 3. He was 42. The saddening news was released to the media and via Wada's agency on Twitter. In minutes, Wada's name became a trending topic on Japanese Twitter as fans of both the singer and the classic anime expressed their condolences.

Wada Kouji was best known for performing almost all of the theme songs for the Digimon series. Wada succumbed to the nasopharyngeal cancer that he had been battling since 2011. Two years after he put his singing career on hold in order to focus on treatment, he announced that he was back in business in 2013.

The Digimon OP “Butter-fly” is one of the reasons why the anime stuck with us for so many years after it was aired and still has a special place in our hearts. Wada performed this song for both the original Digimon Adventure anime series back in 1999, as well as the remake version for the new Digimon Adventure tri. movie series.

In honor of Wada's legendary song, we have put together a few of our favorite covers of "Butter-fly". Please join us in remembering Wada Kouji and his special place in the Digimon fandom.

Arigatou, Wada-san!

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