"I missed my shipping survey! What now?" and other questions about our shipping method surveys

During COVID-19, we will be sending out shipping surveys to attempt to ship your orders with alternative methods if the one you have selected is unavailable.

For in-stock items at our Japan warehouse (including items that were once pre-orders, but are now stocked) that cannot ship to you because the currently selected shipping method is unavailable, we will be sending out surveys to ask if you'd like to switch to an alternate method. This email will be sent from the same address that our "Shop" emails are sent to. If you're currently unsubscribed we recommend going to your email settings in your user profile and temporarily subscribing to Shop emails. If you missed your survey, or have any questions we can still help!

I missed my shipping survey! Can you still ship my items to me?

No worries! If you missed your survey or just didn't answer the survey in time, your items will be included again the next time we do a shipping survey. We do survey rounds every few weeks so you'll be hearing from us again!

What if I just ignore all of these survey emails?

If you're in the US, you may find your items automatically changed to TOM Surface mail and shipped to you that way. For anyone else, we'll hold on to your items in the meantime, but we may ship them out with another method at our discretion.

I had previously selected to wait for my original method to change, but it's been a long time. Can I switch to something else?

If you selected to wait for your original method a few months ago but are having second thoughts, just send us a quick email explaining what item you selected to wait for, and when you received your survey and we can let you know what other methods might be available for you.

I want to pick FedEx but I don't want to commit without knowing the final costs.

For sure! If you pick FedEx you'll actually get a second follow up survey that will confirm your final upgrade fees and whether or not we can go ahead and charge you this amount to switch you to FedEx. Even if the answer is "No" we will ask that you answer "No" to the second survey.

I had chosen FedEx once, but I decided against it after getting my second survey. What happens now?

After you get your second survey and decide against FedEx, please submit "No" as your answer and your shipment will return to the first step and we'll ask you at a later date how you'd like to ship your items. Please be aware that leaving the second survey unanswered may put your shipment in confirmation limbo where we won't ask about it, and we can't charge you for FedEx.

I picked "Yes" on my FedEx confirmation survey. When will you charge me?

Thanks for answering! To be honest a lot of the behind the scenes with the surveys is pretty manual so you'll need to give us a few days to sort through all of our responses, and then have the charges manually placed. We're a pretty small team but we will work on getting your shipments out to you as soon as we can.