Just what I wanted!


I use this case to store all of my hair accessories and it works very well! It is convenient to store things in here rather than in a makeup bag since you can just open up the top. It arrived with no flaws and has a lot more depth than I had expected.



This volume features a stunning cover picture of Sailor Mars, arrived in flawless condition, and has many large, colored pages. The pages are also great quality instead of the usual thin paper that is in most manga.

Beautiful as always, but one flaw


Obviously this is not Otaku Mode's fault, but the second volume of this series has an inconsistency error on the back cover. The silhouette on the back cover is of Sailor Moon, not Sailor Mercury which it should have been in order to correspond with the front cover, as all the other volumes do. Otherwise, this volume is as beautiful as all of the others.



This choker is so elegant and cute that I just want to wear it all the time! The ribbon is kind of fragile but durable enough to wear.

Swankiss Rose Tunic
Swankiss Rose Tunic$112.99$96.04 - $112.99(Up to 15% OFF)



This is a very high quality tunic. The fabric is thick but breathable and the bows and flower are lovely. I am a lot curvier than the model in the picture but the tunic still fits me well, so I believe that it will fit various sizes.

Exactly what I needed


I have been looking for a small binder for my trading cards for a while and this one was exactly what I needed. It is small, durable, cute and hold just enough cards.

Very cute but pricey


Fortunately, I got these socks on sale, but they were still a little overpriced. However, they are very unique and look great on.

Full set is worth it!


I got the full set of photos and they are absolutely worth the price! They are glossy, beautiful and high quality.

Great Quality and Price


This is the lowest price I have found for this pamphlet online! It came in perfect condition and it is lovely.

Beautiful Design


This cup is exactly what I wanted. It is very beautiful and I only use it for display.

Obsessed with this game!


This game is all about designing houses which was my favorite part about playing ACNL so it's perfect for me!
If decorating isn't your thing then this game is not for you.

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