Tokyo Otaku Mode Exclusive
Hashimoto Shitsugei x Hatsune Miku Traditional Japanese Crafts

As a team of artisans who work with Japanese lacquerware, Hashimoto Shitsugei is no stranger to history and tradition. However, they’ve also captured the hearts of Hatsune Miku fans by creating unique merch.
We’re excited to bring their lineup of exquisite items as TOM Exclusive products to all of you overseas Miku devotees! Enjoy the beautiful world of Hatsune Miku, brought to life through Japan’s unique maki-e technique.

About Hashimoto Shitsugei

Based in Wakayama Prefecture, a major area for the production of Japanese lacquerware, Hashimoto Shitsugei is a company of artisans who have created such items since 1848. Unique to Japan, the maki-e decoration technique used by them boasts a history of 1200 years.
In addition to bringing it to the modern world, they constantly strive to create new meaning for lacquerware by exploring the fusion of culture with the latest technology and expression that goes beyond tradition.

Hashimoto Shitsugei New Item

The background diorama parts fully made using the maki-e decoration technique bring out the charming features of Miku standing in front to their fullest.

This culminates in dynamic three-dimensional effects to express its wonderful appearance.

The background parts are made using a special semi-transparent black design that looks different depending on the surrounding colors and light.

Enjoy displaying this masterpiece, a special lacquer-decorated acrylic stand made with techniques and attention to detail, featuring Miku clad in a gold outfit.

About Maki-e

Maki-e is a traditional decoration technique that is unique to Japan.
After lacquer is used to paint a picture, pattern, or words on the surface of lacquerware, metal powder (such as gold or silver) or colored powder is sprinkled on top before it dries, fixing the design to the piece.