Neko Atsume Funwari Plush Cushions

Take it easy for once with plushie cushions based on Peaches and Rascal!

Neko Atsume Funwari Plush Cushions
Peaches | Neko Atsume Funwari Plush Cushions
Rascal | Neko Atsume Funwari Plush Cushions
Neko Atsume Funwari Plush Cushions
Neko Atsume Funwari Plush Cushions
Neko Atsume Funwari Plush Cushions
Neko Atsume Funwari Plush Cushions
Neko Atsume Funwari Plush Cushions

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Product Name: Neko Atsume Funwari Plush Cushions

Series: Neko Atsume
Manufacturer: Banpresto
Size (approx.): 36 cm | 14.2"

Get cozy and taken an awesome cat nap with your favorite kitty from Neko Atsume with one of these adorable Funwari Plush Cushions! Their soft and squishy designs are perfect for relaxing with and against, and each is around 14.2”. Their sweet little expressions are guaranteed to sooth your heart when you see them~

Both Peaches and Rascal are available, but if you can’t choose between them, then you can have a set of both!

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Sleepy Neko Plushie Cushions - So Fuzzy and Adorable! 😻

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I ordered the set of both Peaches and Rascal -- and I'm so glad I did! The elusive Peaches is a beloved favourite Neko of mine, and merchandise of Rascal, the adorable grey tuxedo cat, is hard to come by. Both of these cushion-like plushies are terrific, super fluffy and wonderfully detailed!
I've always loved this sleepy, endearingly torpid pose of the Neko Atsume cats in-game (usually occurring when they rest on pillows), so it's nice to see them made into plushies this way!

The material on these is quite different than what Banpresto normally uses on Neko Atsume plushies -- it is comprised of very soft, fuzzy and fluffy looped threads, so they are way softer tha...
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13 Aug. 2017
Peaches needs a loving embrace!

Peaches is so adorable as a cushion. The loose threads make the "fur" look more detailed. The light weight stuffing allows you to give a lot of loving "squeezes."

On the Peaches I received, the head tends to tilt the body a little forward, but I don't mind. It gives the illusion of Peaches being a little more 3-dimensional. (Don't know if this applies to all of them.)

If you love Neko Atsume or just love cats, I definitely recommend this lovable cushion.

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