Strange creatures! 34 full-color pages! Features 5 guest artists!

by 515M

Mononoke 1
Mononoke 2
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Product Name: Mononoke

Creator: 515M
Specifications: Full color, A4-size doujinshi artbook
Number of Pages: 34

Momonoke is a 34-page, full-color, A4-size doujinshi artbook by 515M. Inside you’ll find gorgeous, vivid art of youkai, demons, beasts, and other kinds of wild creatures. Also included are photos of 515M illustrated merch and art by five guest illustrators: Capriccio, Nia, Rin Gotarou, Nijyou Shou, and Sekki!

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This is a Great Example of "Neo-Japonism" Artwork

The doujin artist, 515M, is a very talented artist who makes great use of Neo-Japonism in her work "Mononoke." Neo-Japonism is an artistic genre that uses modern, typically pop art styles (e.g. manga and anime), but which is heavily influenced by traditional Japanese art. The result is something that, at a glance, looks like ukiyo-e, yet is a fresh and living aesthetic approach. I highly recommend "Mononoke" if you are familiar with the work of 515M or another Neo-Japonism artist like Hiroyuki Matsuura.

01 Mar. 2017
A good artbook

The art is beautiful. I'd say it was worth the price.

Worth it

No regrets! Absolutely gorgeous art that's exactly my style, packaged well, and the book is printed on high quality glossy paper, so it won't go ageing/fading any time soon! Excellent!


this art book is wonderful and 515M art is beautiful!

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