[Sailor Moon] Princess Bath Towel

A luxurious bath towel featuring an elegant silhouette, frills, and ornate lace

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[Sailor Moon] Princess Bath Towel 2
[Sailor Moon] Princess Bath Towel 3
[Sailor Moon] Princess Bath Towel 4
[Sailor Moon] Princess Bath Towel 5
  • The actual product may differ slightly from the product pictured here in terms of texture and color.

©Naoko Takeuchi

Product Name: [Sailor Moon] Princess Bath Towel

This is a limited quantity item sold via a lottery system.

Enter the lottery between Nov. 10−16, 2016 (PST) for a chance to purchase this item.
Lottery winners will be contacted individually via email with a link to the purchase page.

Lottery entries are now closed.

Dimensions (approx.): 60 x 120 cm | 23.6" x 47.2"

  • Body: 100% cotton
  • Lace/Frills: Nylon, polyurethane

Made in Japan

This is a limited quantity item sold via a lottery system.
TOM Points cannot be used on orders containing this item.
Order Limit: 1 per winner

The Sailor Moon Princess Bath Towel, limited to fan club members only!

This bath towel features the elegant silhouette also used on the Pretty Guardians fan club membership card on a pale pastel pink background and is just as soft as it looks!

Understated lace patterns on the top and bottom borders complement the plentiful frills and ornate lace on the sides to create a lovely effect. The lavish use of lace and frills here is rare for bigger items like a bath towel, and is more commonly seen on smaller items like handkerchiefs, giving it a truly luxurious finish.

This item can be used regularly as a bath towel, taken with you to your next vacation destination, as a blanket at the beach, or even for keeping cozy at home!

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