Yuu “The Planets Suite” Chara Fine Graph Print

by Yuu[Melanchory]

Yuu “The Planets Suite” Chara Fine Graph Print 1
Yuu “The Planets Suite” Chara Fine Graph Print 2
Yuu “The Planets Suite” Chara Fine Graph Print 3
Product Name: Yuu “The Planets Suite” Chara Fine Graph Print

Art Size: B5
Framed Size (approx.): 315 x 385 mm | 12.4" x 15.2"
Printing Method: Mistgraph printing
Hand signed by the artist

Exclusive TOM Special Creator Product

Chara-Art’s Art Collection aims to collect the works of some of today’s most popular Japanese “pop culture” artists in a series of high-quality, framed Mistgraph prints. Yuu is certainly no exception to their lineup of talented illustrators. Yuu is an illustrator who uses extravagant colors to create fantastical yet decorative work. Her work can be seen in many areas including jigsaw puzzles, publications, games, and CD jackets. This enchantingly whimsical piece is titled “The Planets Suite.” Created using a high-quality technique known as Mistgraph printing, every tiny detail is superbly captured in this gallery-worthy art print. This stunning artwork comes framed and signed by Yuu.

What is Mistgraph printing?
Mistgraph printing is a technique for printing reproductions of original art prints and paintings that “isn’t a lithograph and isn’t silkscreen.” Rather, it is a combination of analog printing techniques and digital image processing where the ink is sprayed onto the paper like a mist - hence the name “Mistgraph.” Due to it providing color that doesn’t fade for close to 50 years, this technique is often used to replicate famous historical and cultural artworks, thus making it highly valued for its quality.