Chara-Forme Plus: Fate/Grand Order - Ruler/Jeanne d'Arc

Chara-Forme Plus: Fate/Grand Order - Ruler/Jeanne d'Arc 1
Chara-Forme Plus: Fate/Grand Order - Ruler/Jeanne d'Arc 2
Chara-Forme Plus: Fate/Grand Order - Ruler/Jeanne d'Arc 3
Chara-Forme Plus: Fate/Grand Order - Ruler/Jeanne d'Arc 4
  • Please note that photos shown may differ from the final product.
  • Paintwork is done partially by hand and therefore each product may differ slightly.


Product Name: Chara-Forme Plus: Fate/Grand Order - Ruler/Jeanne d'Arc

Series: Fate/Grand Order
Manufacturer: Aniplex of America
Sculptor: ICREA CO., LTD, monolith
Specifications: Painted, non-articulated, non-scale PVC & ABS figure with base
Height (approx.): 100 mm | 3.9"

Order Limit: 3 per person
TOM Points cannot be used on orders containing this item.

The saintly Ruler/Jeanne d'Arc from Fate/Grand Order has been stunningly recreated as an adorable Chara-Forme Plus figure!

This painted, non-articulated, non-scale figure stands at approximately 3.9" tall and comes complete with a base. Her beautifully sculpted braid curls around her gracefully, and her silver-colored armor seriously dazzles. And of course, no Ruler/Jeanne d'Arc figure would be complete without her holy battle flag, Luminosité Eternelle: God is Here With Me!

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12 product reviews
I lost my package.
08 Nov. 2016Permalink

I lost my package. that's it

Very cute annd nice
17 Jan. 2017Permalink

Its a very cute and well done little figurine, would recommend it, however not sure if its supposed to do this or not; her belt around her waist is loose on mine.

So cute!
30 Dec. 2016Permalink

Tiny, similar in size to nendoroid which I love~! A perfect little piece to display

Very cute figure
19 Dec. 2016Permalink

This figure is perhaps one of the cutest ones in my collection. The hair is a bit more faded than in the picture and the metal is slightly more matte. However, the detail and paint are all spot on and is one of the best purchases I've made.

Very Cute
14 Nov. 2016Permalink

The colors differ a little from what can be seen in the picture, but it is absolutely amazing. The banner is really cool and all the little details the figure has make it even cuter. Another great addition to my collection.

Definitely a great buy.

Great figure
04 Nov. 2016Permalink

She's a lovely figure, has a nice pose.
Really like how it's well done, she has cuteness without losing her role of Ruler
This is a must have for all those Fate series fan, especially if you have become a fan of Fate/Grand Order.
Like how she doesn't take much space although I would actually prefer a more compact box for this type of figures, like the ones for the 'Funko POP!', where you can clearly see the figure in it's pose since I actually prefer to display my collection while they are still inside there respective boxes, at least those that have transparent front.
Overall excellent figure.

Great figure
11 Oct. 2016Permalink

This is a nice little figure of a great character. I like it.

Quite Nice
09 Oct. 2016Permalink

The colors are more subdued than I originally thought it would be out of the box, especially the paints used for the hair. The base is rather plain as well; just a white stepped base. Overall, the sculpt and the pose is great and would recommend it to other fans.

tiny and kawaii af
07 Oct. 2016Permalink

i would definitely recommend buying this if you're a fan of the fate series and or think that jeanne d'arc is super cute in this. the only complaint i have is that her flag is slightly loose in her hands but it doesn't matter that much. it's exactly as advertised and came on time, the base that came with it is different than the one shown in the picture but it's still good, would've preferred having a base like the one in the picture though.

all in all 5/5 service and quality

Be Careful!!
06 Oct. 2016Permalink

This is a very cute and somehow elegant Chara-Forme Plus, and I really like it. However, while putting it together, I ran into a problem. The 3 parts where the flag connects to the staff broke really easily for me, and I was lucky enough to be able to hot-glue it back together. Other than that, I do not regret buying this for its outstanding details. I do wish that the hair and face were removable, though.

Great Quality
04 Oct. 2016Permalink

Figure was easy to setup and looks really great!

Small but grand
03 Oct. 2016[Edited]Permalink

The details are real nice, It's just real cute in general, I was a bit regretting it since I bought it just before the release of the nendroid but I do really like my purchase. Check your sizes!

Her hair isn't as blonde as shown in the picture, but I quiet like the color as is.