Magical Lip Girls Hologram Clear Stickers

by otoe

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Magical Lip Girls Hologram Clear Stickers 2
Magical Lip Girls Hologram Clear Stickers 3
Magical Lip Girls Hologram Clear Stickers 4
Magical Lip Girls Hologram Clear Stickers 5
Magical Lip Girls Hologram Clear Stickers 6
Magical Lip Girls Hologram Clear Stickers 7

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Product Name: Magical Lip Girls Hologram Clear Stickers

Creator: otoe
Set Contents: 2 glossy, adhesive stickers per set
Size: 7.5-8.5 cm x 5.5-7 cm | 2.9-3.4 in x 2.1-2.8 in

  • Romantic Pink x Pure Purple
  • Dreamy Yellow x Mysterious Marine
  • Koakuma Purple x Sweet Pink

These dazzling glossy sticker sets were designed by TOM Special Creator otoe! Featuring cute little magical girls in sailor uniforms, the sets include adorable waterproof, fade-resistant stickers with shiny holo coatings, illustrated with astounding pastel colors! They are available in romantic pink x pure purple, dreamy yellow x mysterious marine, and koakuma (mischievous) purple x sweet pink! A great addition to every kawaii stationery collection!

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24 Dec. 2016
Tough and cute!

I put this sticker on my waterbottle months ago, and it still looks as cute as it did on day one - I'm very impressed, especially since I work in the sticker printing industry! It is a bit thick so make sure to apply it to a smooth, clean surface without any sharp edges, though.


Good quality, exactly what I expected from the pictures. I just wish I could figure out what to use them on.

04 Jun. 2016
super precious

the quality of these are really nice, I'm trying to save these for when I have a sketchbook or something else to sticker bomb ! I love the bright colours and the shiny holographic effect they have. It's so magical 8'D


These stickers so stunning! The pictures don't really show how lovely the holographic lil flakies are.

21 May. 2016
so much better than i expected

i love it so much because it came out much cuter than i thought, and the quality of the sticker is amazing and it just looks so good. it also is easy to remove and peel off and it doesn't leave any residue or become any less sticky.

Absolutely charming!

I purchased the Pink set with the pink and purple haired girls. These stickers are super cute and the material has a hologram/prism reflection to them making them stand out against the other stickers I put on the front of my laptop! They are cut a little strangely and are a little transparent which I didn't know, but that doesn't effect how much I love how charming these are.

Too cute!

I got the lavender set and I am really happy with them! They are a good size and the holo really kicks it up. They are so cute I almost don't want to use them!

13 Feb. 2016
Holographic and Adorable!

These were super cute, in fact I'm almost contemplating ordering more. I got a set for my sister and myself, and they're perfect. They are semi transparent, so they are best viewed on a lighter colored surface. I didn't realize they were holographic! They have rather large rainbow flakes that catch the light really well, and look super cool when you move them. I would definitely recommend these if you want some cute stickers, they are currently decorating my laptop!

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