Illustrator - Japan
Designer/illustrator. I freely draw things that I like. Many of my illustrations are colorful and lively.



  • Mystic Girls

    I tried drawing a demon girl using pastel color base.

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  • The Youkai May Be to Blame!

    These are the characters from the Level-5 3DS game “Youkai Watch”!

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  • Space Brothers

    Can’t stop the passion! I love Space Brothers.

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  • Marvel Super Heroes

    Marvel super heroes!

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About Me


Illustrator / Japan

I aim to create that which others will enjoy, and I challenge myself with various designs every day through trial and error. Illustrations are but one area of my activities; I also produce illustration collections and goods as well as exhibit at events.

I am skilled at colorful and cute illustrations with deformed characters, and I like pastel colors, things with a sense of transparency, and girly girls.

I do card illustrations and mascot character designs as work on the side.

  • Creator NameOTOE
  • GenreIllustration
  • NationalityJapanese
  • GenderFemale
  • Birthday4/19
  • Blood TypeB
  • HoroscopeAries
  • Area of ActivityJapan


    What are you particular about in your work?

    In order to create drawings that excite the viewer, I am especially mindful of the colors and balance of the layout.

    How long does your work take to create?

    It takes 6 hours to 3 days for the rough drawings and 2-5 days for the coloring.

    When do you come up with ideas for your work?

    When I find items at the store designed with cute motifs and when I look at informational magazines.