Ivan Noah Binički

    Hi. I´m Ivan from Croatia, Balkans and i´m the Original and Only creator of the Rainboy: The John Graysson Chronicles Anime-Based Sci-Fi Military Drama Novel franchise. Nice 2 meet ya all! I do Follow for Follow, Share for Share and many more! My Profiles(Add me if you want): *VK: vk.com/id311254665 *Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/wannyverseofficial/ (If this link doesn´t work, that means i changed my nickname and give me the link to ur Instagram)! *DeviantART: http://ivancrorainboy87.deviantart.com/ *Skype: rainboy8888776! *Personal WP Blog: http://wannyverseonlineofficial.wordpress.com New and Exclusive Pictures COMING VERY SOON!
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