Korilakkuma Kuttari Plush (Large)

Korilakkuma Kuttari Plush (Large) 1
Korilakkuma Kuttari Plush (Large) 2
Korilakkuma Kuttari Plush (Large) 3
Korilakkuma Kuttari Plush (Large) 4
Korilakkuma Kuttari Plush (Large) 5
Korilakkuma Kuttari Plush (Large) 6
Korilakkuma Kuttari Plush (Large) 7
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Korilakkuma Kuttari Plush (Large) 9
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Product Name: Korilakkuma Kuttari Plush (Large)

Series: Rilakkuma
Manufacturer: San-X
Height (approx.): 67 cm | 26.4"
Material: Soft boa

The kuttari plushies of Rilakkuma and friends are a best seller of San-X, the creator of Korilakkuma! It’s no wonder why: They are huggable, ultra soft, super plush, and big! This Korilakkuma Kuttari Plushie is about 2 feet tall! The large size makes it perfect for display on a couch in place of a typical pillow. Truly makes a great addition to any San-X collection because it’s one of the largest Korilakkuma plushies you can get!

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Biiig and fluffy!

6 out of 6 people found this review to be helpful.

I really love Rilakkuma and especially Korilakkuma, so I need to buy this one. This one is really big and fluffy, perfect to cuddle! It's also very well processed and I can recommend it to everyone who loves this relaxed cute bear!

… Now I need Rilakkuma in that size, too!

26 Feb. 2016
Korilakkuma Cuteness!!

1 out of 1 people found this review to be helpful.

Very cute!! I got this for my friend and it was well worth it. It's a high quality plush and a great gift.


This giant Rilakkuma plush is seriously so so cute, big, and squishy! If you ever want to invest in a big rilakkuma plush then I definitely recommend this one <3 just beware, you may get a huge box in the mail!

09 May. 2016
I love it

Soft, cuddly and huge. Great TV watching companion and I constantly find my partner or little sister have taken it for themselves.

Cutest plush

Soft, hugable, very good size, a friend of my family

20 Apr. 2016

Really nice quality and extremely huggable plushie. I love it! Definitely have to get Rilakkuma as well ^_^

Great price for the size

This plushy is great, it's huge and for $60 it's a fair price to find in North America. Korilakkuma looks awesome on my bed and she's huge! it's not too big to be obnoxious though, great for a backrest or a cute decor on a bed or chair ^___^

Korlikumma stuffed bear

Not happy with product, will not purchase
Since they don't take returns
The korlikumma head is cute, but the body is super flat
It doesn't have enough stuffing

It's so prettyyyy

It's so amazing, and big, just like the picture, well even better actually! it arrived in just a week, I'm so happy with the store so far!

18 May. 2016

0 out of 2 people found this review to be helpful.

Perfect fit with the rest of my korilakkuma stuff. Super soft and not to big just the right size!

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