Moff Band - A Wearable Smart Toy

by Moff

Moff Band - A Wearable Smart Toy 1
Moff Band - A Wearable Smart Toy 2
Moff Band - A Wearable Smart Toy 3
Moff Band - A Wearable Smart Toy 4
Moff Band - A Wearable Smart Toy 5
Size: L22.5 x W2.2 x H1.5 cm (approx. L8.9 x W0.9 x H0.6 in)
Color: orange
Weight: 30g
3 axis acceleration sensor / 3 axis gyro sensor
Exchangeable coin battery (CR2032) required
iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPod Touch (5th generation or later),
iPad (4th generation or later), iPad mini, or iPad Air (with iOS7 operating system or later)
Examples of Play
Toy swords, toy guns, guitars, tennis, magic wands, toy golf, piano and much, much more!
How it Works
Moff Band connects to your iOS device wirelessly. Setting up Moff is as easy as downloading the Moff app onto your iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad. More than one Moff Band can be connected to the same device through the app at the same time (Maximum: 4 Moff Bands).

"Everything you do. Everything you hold. Change into toys."

The Moff Band is a brand-new physical, imaginative, and ecological toy. When you slap the Moff Band to your wrist and connect it to the app, it creates the same play experience as many plastic toys with motions and sounds. For example, a simple household broomstick can change into a toy sword or guitar with the Moff Band, and a triangle ruler can change into a magic wand or tennis racket. Many different Plays are also available in the Moff Band app market. The possibilities are limitless.

The Moff Band has released and is expected to begin shipping within 1 month! Please note this estimation is subject to change by the manufacturer.

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