Spice and Wolf 10th Anniversary Project: Holo Wedding Dress Ver.

by Tokyo Otaku Mode
Spice and Wolf 10th Anniversary Project: Holo Wedding Dress Ver.

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“I wish to travel with you. May I?” Their incredible journey began with those words, and flourished into a beautiful love story. At long last, in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Spice and Wolf, the culmination of their tale is brought to life with the Holo Wedding Dress Ver. figure.

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Holo in her wedding dress, crafted to perfection as a figure for your collection.

February 2006: The very first volume of Spice and Wolf was published by Dengeki Bunko.
February 2016: Ten years pass since our hero and heroine set off on their incredible journey.

In celebration of the ten-year journey that Spice and Wolf and its fans have taken together, various exciting projects are underway in Japan. The “Spice and Wolf & Isuna Hasekura 10th Anniversary Official Site” launched in April 2016, and the new series “Spice and Wolf: Spring Log” and “Spice and Wolf New Theory: Parchment and Wolf” are being released, too.

But Spice and Wolf isn’t popular only in Japan, it is a series loved and celebrated by fans worldwide. At Tokyo Otaku Mode, we believe that the celebration should involve fans throughout the world. That is why we expressed our desire to join the official anniversary project, and how our own “Spice and Wolf 10th Anniversary Project” took off.

Reflecting on the ten years since the series began, the dazzling sight of Holo in her wedding dress, as seen on the covers of Spice and Wolf Volume 17 and the Spice & Wolf Illustrations Art Book by Ayakura Jyuu, is definitely one of the series’ highlights.


The enchanting beauty of Holo as she dons her wedding dress has captured the hearts of countless fans. Yet, to this day, merchandise which feature Holo in her ravishing white gown remain extremely few. Fans have waited expectantly for very long―too long, if you ask us.

Answering to the anticipation of eager fans, we present Holo Wedding Dress Ver. as the ultimate collector’s item―a gorgeous 1/8 scale figure, crafted to stunning perfection.

The dynamic, exuberant Holo depicted on the cover of the Spice & Wolf Illustrations Art Book was brought to life through the collaboration of Tokyo Otaku Mode and figure manufacturer Myethos. We wanted to create a product that would live up to (and perhaps even surpass) the expectations of Spice and Wolf fans around the world. That is why we took on the greater challenge by choosing to create a figure―the one item which sits at the pinnacle of all Japanese merchandise.

Now, we are proud to deliver in beautiful figure form a memento of the special day that will live on in the memories of all fans forever.


A Figure Overflowing with More Impact than Its Scale

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Wind-tousled flaxen hair, a billowing wedding dress, and a delicately crafted bouquet bring forth a presence that surpasses any scale figure created to this day.

Holo stands on a detailed base measuring approximately 17 cm in diameter which further complements her charm. At 1/8 scale, she is 24 cm in total height (including base), and is a figure boasting unprecedented impact and appeal.

So dynamic, it’s as if she’ll break into a run at any moment.


Meticulous care is being put into making every part of this figure dynamic, from her hair and wedding dress to her accessories, bouquet, down to her very fingertips.


Adjustments will continue to be made until the very last moment to create the perfect dynamic feel. Brimming with life, as if she’ll start speaking at any moment, Holo heads your way.

*All images shown are of sample products still in the makings. We will use your opinions as a reference during the creation process to further improve this product, thus the final product will differ from the current images.


Product Title: Spice and Wolf Holo Wedding Dress Ver.
Series: Spice and Wolf
Price: 11,800 JPY (before tax and shipping)
Release Date: November 2017
Specifications: 1/8 scale ABS & PVC figure
Distributor: Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.
Manufacturer: Myethos



Winning Silver in the 12th annual Dengeki Novel Prize literary awards, Spice and Wolf is a light novel series by Isuna Hasekura which delivers a new kind of fantasy world, centered around economics rather than swords and magic.

The story follows the journey of the traveling merchant Kraft Lawrence, who meets a young girl with the ears of a wolf and a tail of luscious fur, claiming to be the “Goddess of Harvest”, the Wise Wolf, Holo. Their unique tale cleverly interweaves elements of economics, adventure, and action.

Spice and Wolf has been adapted into a TV anime series, a game, a comic series, and various other forms of media, and has been localized into various languages, including English, Chinese, and France, boasting popularity worldwide.

The official website commemorating the 10th anniversary of the series launched in April 2016, featuring new stories “Spice and Wolf: Spring Log” and “Spice and Wolf New Theory: Parchment and Wolf”, and a wide range of other content.

Spice and Wolf & Isuna Hasekura 10th Anniversary Official Site


Project Organizer: Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.


Manufacturer: Myethos


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