Regarding the Delay in Shipping

Sep. 30, 2017

We deeply apologize for the trouble we are causing for everyone who bought this product due to the shipping delay.

We would like to explain the reasons behind the delay in shipping.

Regarding the Manufacturing of the Tweezers of Longinus Stainless and Titanium Versions
Since we received a larger number of orders than we first expected, we had to adjust the manufacturing processes of obtaining materials, construction, and production.
Because of the adjustments made, the shipping period has been delayed. We deeply apologize for this.
We originally announced that shipping would begin in September so we made efforts to proceed as planned, but this week it was confirmed based on the current stage of production that it would not be possible.
While we should have once again updated you when that was clear, it was decided that it would cause worry if we updated without having a clear idea of when shipping could start. We received definite shipping dates yesterday.

This product is made using a technique called wire electrical discharge machining, a technique that cannot be rushed.
As announced before, we will be shipping the product out in stages. However, we should have been clear with more concrete details about shipping, and for that we apologize.

Regarding Production of the Packaging and Core-Shaped Stand
The packages and core-shaped stands have been completed.
They are currently undergoing inspection and assembly, but since there is a large number of them, it will take time to complete the process.

The limited-edition Titanium Blue and Titanium Red Versions will all be shipped in October, while the Stainless Versions will be shipped starting in October in order of when the purchase was made.

  • First and Second Batch of Shipments (Mid-October)

  • Third Batch of Shipments (Late October)

  • Fourth Batch of Shipments (Early November)

  • Fifth Batch of Shipments (Mid-November)

We once again apologize for the change in shipping schedule despite the high expectations everyone has for us.

We are currently working with every party involved in the manufacturing process to alter it somehow to be able to deliver it a little faster.
We are working with all of our might to complete this product and have it arrive safely to everyone, so please wait just a little longer. Thank you.