Notice and apology: Change in estimated shipping month

Sep. 29, 2017

Hello Backers!

We regret to say that the estimated shipping month for this product has been changed to the following due to manufacturing delay as a result of receiving much more orders than originally anticipated.

Original estimated shipping month: September 2017
New estimated shipping month: October - November 2017

Shipment is set to the following schedule and is to be shipped out in batches (some changes and adjustments may apply).

  • First and Second Batch of Shipments (Mid-October)

  • Third Batch of Shipments (Late October)

  • Fourth Batch of Shipments (Early November)

  • Fifth Batch of Shipments (Mid-November)

Please accept our sincere apologies for delivering this information during the original estimated shipping month, and also for the inconvenience this change causes to all the fans who are waiting eagerly for their product.

We truly appreciate your kind understanding in this matter, and we will do our very best to ensure that each product is shipped to our fans with care.