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ARP Backstage Pass follows the story of Shinji, Daiya, Rage, and Leon who are all multi-talented performers that make up ARP idol units and attend ISM Yokohama School which is highly regarded for training musical artists. They are big on crowd interaction when performing. The anime will focus on their lives outside of their careers, including their relationships with one another.


ARP Backstage Pass is an anime based on the augmented reality band ARP which is short for both “Artists Republic Production” and “AR Performers.” They have already done live events and YouTube videos as well as sold CDs and merchandise. This will be the franchise’s first anime. AR technology will be used in the anime. The theme song is “Burn it Up” by ARP.


Shinji (Voiced by: Shinji)

Shinji is the leader of ARP who can do everything because he received violin, ballet, and figure skating lessons as a kid and an education at ISM Yokohama School which is famous for training singers. His parents are also a talented composer and opera singer. He likes to call his fans princesses and knights.

Daiya (Voiced by: Daiya)

Daiya is like a big brother to others which might be in part to him having lost his parents at a young age. He is talented at street dance and has had experience in international competitions. He also designs ARP costumes, accessories, and goods. He is a member of ARP’s unit REBEL CROSS and also formed the band CROSS BONE with Rage, a close friend of his from elementary school.

Rage (Voiced by: Rage)

Rage has earned himself the name “Bounty Hunter” because he has won a lot of different contests. He has great grades, produces music, hates to lose, and formed the band CROSS BONE with his childhood friend Daiya. He is also a member of ARP’s unit REBEL CROSS.

Leon (Voiced by: Leon)

Leon is good looking, good at dancing, and also good at singing since he has a four-octave vocal range. He lives in the dorms of Yokohama having left his Japanese father and Brazilian mother in Kobe to attend. He also writes songs.

Haruomi Matsumoto (Voiced by: Wataru Komada)

Chairman (Voiced by: Kazuhiko Inoue)

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  • Original Creator: Akari Uchida
  • Director: Tetsuya Endo
  • Animation Production: Asmic Ace, Dynamo Pictures

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