Hypnosis Mic Creators' Charisma Project Releases Trailer and Visual!

A new trailer and key visual have been released for Charisma, a new project from the team behind hit rap franchise Hypnosis Mic!

Created by Evil Line Records and Dazed, the project follows seven guys who live together at Charisma House. Each representing a different type, they seek to increase their own charisma, regardless of those in society who might ridicule them.

While Hypnosis Mic revolved around rap battles, so far no specifics have been provided about how Charisma will play out. However, Evil Line Records is credited with producing music for the project.

Charisma's website has been updated with profiles for each of the seven members, whose official titles, names and voice actors are listed as following:

Charisma of Sex/Tendo Amahiko, voiced by Tomohisa Hashizume
Charisma of Rebel/Kei Sarukawa, voiced by Kenta Hosoda
Charisma of Obedience/Iori Motohashi, voiced by Katsumi Fukuhara
Charisma of Good and Evil/Fumiya Ito, voiced by Yuki Ono
Charisma of Order/Rikai Kusanagi, voiced by Masahiro Yamanaka
Charisma of Internal Punishment/Ose Minato, voiced by Saku Hyuga
Charisma of Self-Love/Terra, voiced by Genki Okawa

Charisma kicks off in fall 2021.

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