Sailor Moon Plans Series of New Musical Projects!

Sailor Moon Plans Series of New Musical Projects!

In celebration of the franchise’s 25th anniversary, Sailor Moon has lifted the curtain on a brand new series of musical projects.

The biggest of three events so far announced will see the classic shoujo manga returning to the stage in summer 2019 with a revitalised edition of the classic musical.

Meanwhile, idol group Nogizaka46 will be collaborating with Sailor Moon for a themed musical performance in which members of the group will "make up" into Sailor Soldiers.

It’s also been announced that world renowned performer TAKAHIRO (Ueno Takahiro) will be participating in the song, dance, and video extravaganza “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” The Super Live, to be staged as part of the Japonism 2018 event in Paris, France.

(C)Naoko Takeuchi

Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!

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