Sailor Moon Joins Space Museum TeNQ for Interstellar Collab!

Sailor Moon Joins Space Museum TeNQ for Interstellar Collab!

Sailor Moon and the other Pretty Guardians are paying a visit to Tokyo Dome City's Space Museum TeNQ for the collaborative Sailor Moon × TeNQ exhibit: Over the Sailor Moon ~An Invitation to Space~!

This dreamy collaboration is perfect for fans, pairing a space-focused museum with the out-of-this-world franchise Sailor Moon. Visitors can learn about topics like the connections between the moon, the Earth, and Sailor Moon, as well as astronomy, ancient legends, and more!

Members of Japan's official Sailor Moon fan club Pretty Guardians will also receive a special 200-yen discount if they show their membership card at the counter.

For a summary of the exhibits, take a look below.

Chapter 1: See the Bishoujo Senshi from the Galaxy Map
See the Guardians from the perspectives of astronomy and ancient legends. The showcase will also feature the Sailor Starlights and fashion doll Pullip.

Chapter 2: The Lover of Princess Kaguya and the Moon
Get even better acquainted with The Lover of Princess Kaguya, the original work that inspired Sailor Moon S: The Movie (1994).

Chapter 3: The Legendary Moon Kingdom Silver Millennium
Get transported to the legendary Moon Kingdom, Silver Millenium, through specially prepared photo spots.

Chapter 4: The Moon, the Earth, and Sailor Moon
How did the Earth look to Princess Serenity as she gazed at it from the Moon Kingdom? What would happen if Earth didn’t have the moon? Learn about the connections between Sailor Moon, the moon, and the Earth from a scientific perspective.
**Chapter 5: Participation-Style Sailor Moon Coloring Book Museum**
This participation-style event will give visitors a chance to color in and decorate pages in their own style!

In addition to these exhibits, there will also be photo spots that’ll transport visitors into space set up around TeNQ.

For those looking to take part of the exhibit home, limited edition Sailor Moon goods with TeNQ-exclusive designs will be available including stationery, fashion goods, and accessories.

Event Details
Dates: Dec. 15, 2017 ~ Apr. 15, 2018
Business Hours: 11:00 am ~ 9:00 pm on weekdays / 10:00 am ~ on Weekends, Holidays (last entry at 8:00 pm)
Location: Tokyo Dome City Space Museum TeNQ Project Exhibition Room

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