Celebrate Valentine's Day With Fate Characters at animate!

Celebrate Valentine's Day With Fate Characters at animate!

animate, the world-famous anime, manga, video game, and character goods specialty store, will be holding a special Fate Valentines event throughout February!

The wildly popular smartphone game Fate/Grand Order has been downloaded more than 11 million times, and the first two volumes of the manga adaptation came out in January.

During this Valentine’s Day-themed event, for every Fate book that fans purchase at animate stores nationwide, they will receive 1 of 8 randomly selected Valentine cards. Don’t miss your chance to add a Fate spin to your Valentine’s Day!

Kadokawa x Kodansha x Seikaisha x Ichijinsha x Type-Moon x animate Fate/valentine fair
Dates: Feb. 1 - 28, 2018
Location: animate Stores Nationwide
Distribution Conditions: Fans will receive 1 Valentine card chosen randomly out of 8 possible designs for each book (included in the campaign) purchased.
Target Products: All Kadokawa, Kodansha, Seikaisha, Ichijinsha, and Type-Moon Fate books.

(C) Type-Moon Illustrations: Task Ohna (C) Type-Moon / FGO Project (C) Syatey / Type-Moon / Seikaisha
(C)2016 Marvelous Inc. (C) Sakula Yuki / Ichijinsha (C) Marvelous Inc.
Illustrations: Robina (C) Mashin Eiichiro / Ichijinsha
Illustrations: Nakahara (C) Kawaguchi Takeshi / Kodansha

Source: PR TIMES

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