Shirobako is Back in 30-Second YouTube Video!

Shirobako is Back in 30-Second YouTube Video!

Shirobako, the popular anime series set in an animation production office, has released a new 30-second animated video on YouTube.

The short animation is a commercial for Docomo’s D-Anime Store streaming site and features series protagonist Miyamori Aoi taking an order to create a D-Anime Store commercial on behalf of Musashino Animation.

Though Shirobako is not mentioned by name, the video’s title, “Musani Juchu-hen” (roughly meaning "Musani Order Chapter") has led to speculation there may be more instalments in the series.

Without Shirobako in either the title or the description it’s taken fans a little while to discover the video, but now that the word is out there will certainly be huge excitement among those desperate to reunite with Aoi and the crew as they live out their busy, anime-centric lives!

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