Which December Anime Birthdays Did Fans Most Celebrate?

Which December Anime Birthdays Did Fans Most Celebrate?

A birthdays is always an occasion for celebration, even when it comes to anime characters! Every year, fans can be seen uploading pictures of yummy baked cakes, little birthday trinkets, and even amazing illustrations to celebrate such birthdays. But who gets the most birthday wishes and celebrations?

To answer this question for December in particular, Anime!Anime! held a survey from Dec. 28 to Dec. 30 with over 230 characters listed. Of those who answered, 70% were women and 60% were age 19 or below.

Who do you think inspired the most celebrations from fans? Let's take a look!

8. Akashi Seijurou, Kuroko no Basuke (Dec. 20)
8. Akaashi Keiji, Haikyu!! (Dec. 5)
5. Victor Nikiforov, Yuri!!! on Ice (Dec.
5. Akabane Karuma, Assassination Classroom (Dec. 25)
5. Hijirikawa Masato, Uta no Prince-sama (Dec. 29)
4. Minashiro Soushi, Fafner in the Azure (Dec. 27)

With quite a few December birthdays tying, as well as plenty of variety in characters, who made it to the top 3?

3. Kageyama Tobio, Haikyu!! (Dec. 22)

Source: Haikyu!! Official Twitter

Once referred to as the “King of the Court,” Kageyama is a striking figure with his sharp gaze and unapproachable demeanor. As it turns out, he is actually quite sensitive to his emotions and simply has trouble expressing himself, which is probably why he melts the heart of his fans! If milk and yogurt are offered with his birthday goodies, he’ll be overjoyed, even if you can’t tell.

2. Levi, Attack on Titan (Dec. 25)

Surprisingly, Levi managed to overtake Kageyama only by a narrow margin. His sharp instincts, piercing gaze, and badass personality are just some of the reasons why he's one of the most popular characters coming out of the series. As long as the birthday festivities are organized and clean, he’ll appreciate it!

1. Kafuu Chino, Is the Order a Rabbit? (Dec. 4)

The adorable granddaughter of the owner of the Rabbit House Cafe, Kafuu had a nice balance of both men and women celebrating her birthday. Definitely easy to dote on, there’s no question of why this quiet little girl compels fans to enjoy the date of her birth.

Did you celebrate any of your favorite characters' birthdays in December? Let us know what you did to mark the occasion!

Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!

Which December Anime Birthdays Did Fans Most Celebrate? 1

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