Top 5 Accessories Lucky Bags from Japan!

Top 5 Accessories Lucky Bags from Japan!

Everyone knows that pulling off that perfect look involves carefully considering each part of the outfit, but there’s one category that can truly make or break your efforts: the accessories!

From versatile ones that can be mixed and matched, to special ones meant for specific occasions, the right accessories are the true jewels of the wardrobe… which is why these fukubukuro are the best way to get started this year.

1. A relaxing sense of elegance is all but guaranteed with the sleepy Osumashi Pooh-chan's winter lucky bag~!

Six stylish new accessories (in the form of bags, pouches, and wallets) is the ideal way to breathe new life into your collection! Ranging in design from simple and monochrome to vivid and intricate, each piece features the calming Pooh-chan with eyes closed and lashes shown.

Get started on building a style full of Pooh-chan's natural ease here~

2. Turn to FLAPPER and their fabulous range of lucky bags to show off your unique personality!

This Gold Tier Lucky Bag fukubukuro takes care of all your needs by promising a key case, bag, wallet, pass case, and two pouches! Known for their cute yet unusual designs, FLAPPER specializes in mixing soft earthy tones with charming animals and curious knick-knacks, which immediately points to a strong sense and confidence in one’s fashion choices.

For this amazing lucky bag plus more options from FLAPPER, take a peek here!

3. Boldly head into 2018 with a little help from the Accessory Lucky Pack from 6%DOKIDOKI~!

Those who want to cultivate a style that’s loud, fun, and utterly unabashed always turn to the iconic Harajuku-style of 6%DOKIDOKI! You’ll have your pick of the litter with a wallet, pass case, pair of earrings, and ten other randomly-chosen accessories, all of which are exceptionally special since you can only get them at the physical store in Harajuku or with this Tokyo Otaku Mode lucky pack!

Get your fix of Harajuku right here~

4. Indulge in the sweet and romantic with Q-pot.'s 2018 happy bags!

Pastel goodies themed after yummy sweets is what Q-pot. is focusing on for 2018! Each of their bags is filled to the brim fun possibilities like pouches, wallets, jam-themed necklaces, and pastry-themed coasters! Those with the most luck will even be treated to accents for the home, like drink-themed candles or a gold-rimmed teapot and teacup set~

See more of the Q-pot. happy bag range here!

5. Samantha Thavasa offers maturity with their stylish happy bags~!

What's interesting about Samantha Thavasa is that it's one of the few retailers that keeps its fukubukuro content completely hidden, a rare practice these days. Those familiar with the brand know that its feminine hues and clean lines (as seen in last year's offerings!) is everything a chic and modern gal could want, both in a happy bag and in fashion all year round!

Fashion trends change from year to year, which is why it’s an exceptionally good idea to get a head start in expanding and upcoming your collection of accessories! Plus, everyone also knows that you can never have too many...!

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